The best Google Play Store apps of week 14

It’s time again for us to look at the best apps in the Google Play Store this week! Because the sun was shining bright, we’ve looked at some apps that you could use outdoor too! You can now widen your smartphone experience really easy by trying out some of these apps or visiting the Google Play Store yourself.


If you’ve got a huge amount of friends you want to stay in contact with at the same time? Download snapchat. Within some time you’ll be able to have to contact by video with up to 16 persons, and you can have contact by audio with up to 32 people. Previews have shown that it’s quite the chaotic but very fun experience.

Snapchat is trying very hard to regain their userbase. Recently they lost a lot of their users too Instagram, because they quickly started delivering on the same services Snapchat provide. In addition to that a lot of people didn’t like the last big Snapchat update. Recently the Snap chat stock went down by 1.3 billion dollar because of this not well received update.

PUBG Mobile

After being released for Xbox and pc in march of 2017, PUBG Mobile has already over a million downloads in the Google play store. Huge numbers, but not that impressive compared with rival Fortnite, whom is dominating the Apple app store as we speak. If we compare the 2 games that are very different but also quite similar in a couple of ways you could say that they both are doing and did great. Epic games, the brain behind Fortnite, made over 5 million dollars in  the first 10 days Fortnite Mobile was online. PUBG Mobile didn’t reach these huge numbers, but still made a big impact.

Both games stand out because of their quality. For a mobile game, they are really well put together and look very much like the console/pc version. You also don’t have to pay or watch a lot of ads to play the game how you want to play it.


Are you a proud android user but still a little jealous at your iPhone using friends because they can easily send each other photo’s with the Airdrop function? Well you could do that too! Use the application Fotoswipe to send your photos to people close by who also use the app. The app uses Bluetooth so you don’t need to be connected to the internet. There is no need for a cloud service or other sharing-apps like Facebook or WhatsApp to send your photos.


This is our top 3 for this week. We realise that these aren’t new apps, but they are either really popular right now, or got some very cool updates coming up so make sure to check them out!

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