Audio books in the play store?

Users of sites like audible can be really excited. You might’ve already noticed if you watched the Play store the last couple of weeks, then you already know that it’s now possible to buy Audiobooks from the Google Play Store. Google is by doing this following in the footsteps of Microsoft and Apple. There are a lot of audiobooks to choose from. From fiction books like the harry potter series to mysteries and thrillers. Google likes to add new audiobooks to their collection on a regular base. You can use the titles on Android, IOS and the web. You can also use the google assistant with the audio books. This means that you can use your smart speaker, listen in your car or just keep on listening on your phone.

What books can I listen to?

The amount of audiobooks in the Google Play Store is huge. The categories that are available at the moment are Detectives, Thrillers, Fiction, Literature, History, Romantic fiction, Science fiction, Fantasy, Science, Technology, Business, Investment and self-help. The most popular books in the Store are the Harry Potter books. In addition to those, other fiction like Fifty shades of grey and The fellow ship of the ring also sell very well. At last there are a lot of self-help books on various subjects that tend to sell and rate very good.


Should I use Google Play Store’s Audiobooks?

You could easily say and argue; ‘’well Audible has a huge amount of audiobooks to listen from and only costs 14,99 $ per month. You are correct by saying that and it might be the cheaper option from the two. However the google play store has a huge amount of audiobooks to choose from, and makes it easy to buy just one book you like to listen to. And you could also listen to it with up to 5 people!


Personally, I like the audiobooks in the google play store more, because I like to listen to 1 of 2 books a year. I think Audible is the better option for the frequent listener, because of the price.

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